Curriculum Vitae

Since August 2022

Head of the
School of Finance and Management
SOAS University of London


Director of the Centre for Financial and Management Studies
SOAS University of London


Director of the Centre for Water and Development
SOAS University of London

Since 2014

Convenor of the MSc Public Policy and Management
SOAS University of London


PhD in Management
London School of Economics and Political Science

Courses taught for executive education programmes

  • Spending and revenue in the public sector
  • Managing public debt
  • Fiscal decentralisation
  • Implementing public-private partnerships
  • Stakeholder engagement in water governance
  • Strategic public administration
  • Public financial management
  • Policy design, policy evaluation and implementation
  • Public administration and public-private partnerships
  • Public management and governance
  • Policy monitoring, evaluation and review
  • Why policies fail: learning from failure
  • The regulation of local public services
  • Financing local public services and development
  • Models of funding public projects
  • Regulatory systems across countries
  • International accounting regulation
  • Tendencies in international taxation
  • Between national and local: multi-level regulation
  • Public accounting and finance: principles and practices
  • Co-producing public services

Publications: articles

  • Asquer, A., & Krachkovskaya, I. (2022). Designing public financial management systems: exploring the use of chatbot-assisted case studies. Public Money & Management, 42(7), 551-557.
  • Asquer, A., & Krachkovskaya, I. (2021). Uncertainty, institutions and regulatory responses to emerging technologies: CRISPR Gene editing in the US and the EU (2012–2019). Regulation & Governance, 15(4), 1111-1127.
  • Asquer, A., & Krachkovskaya, I. (2021). The role of externalities and uncertainty in policy design: evidence from the regulation of genome editing. Policy Design and Practice, 1-12.
  • Asquer, A., & Krachkovskaya, I. (2021). A Bibliometric Analysis of Research on CRISPR in Social Sciences and Humanities. Re:GEN, 1(1), 1-10.
  • Asquer, A., & Alzahrani, A. (2020). Public services reforms in Neo-Patrimonial systems: the commercialization of healthcare and education in Saudi Arabia. Public Management Review, 22(2), 255-277.
  • Araral, E., A. Asquer, and Y. Wang (2017), “Regulatory Constructivism: Application of Q Methodology in Italy and China”, Water Resources Management, 17: 1-25.
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  • Asquer A. (2012), “What is Corporate Diplomacy? And, Why Does it Matter?”, Journal of Multidisciplinary Research, December.
  • Asquer A. (2011), “Liberalization and Regulatory Reform of Network Industries: A Comparative Analysis of Italian Public Utilities”, Utilities Policy, 19(3): 172-184.
  • Spano A. and A. Asquer (2011), “Performance Review and Assessment of Public Managers: Some Evidence from Local Governments in Italy”, International Journal of Public Administration, 34: 1-12.
  • Asquer A. (2010) “Implementing Fiscal Decentralization: A Case Study of a Tax Agency in Italy”, Governance, 23(4): 609-621.
  • Asquer A. (2010), “Regulatory Reform and Industrial Restructuring: The Cases of Water, Gas, and Electricity in Italy”, Competition and Regulation in Network Industries, 11(1): 85-117.
  • Asquer A. (2010), “The Regulatory Reform of Water Infrastructure in Italy: Overall Design and Local Variations', Water Policy, 12(1-Supplement): 66-83.

Publications: books

  • Flynn, N. and A. Asquer (2024), Public Sector Management, 8th edition. London: SAGE.
  • Asquer, A. (2018), Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities: Public Policy and Management Issues. London: Palgrave.
  • Asquer, A. (2017), Public Sector Revenue: Principles, Policies and Management. London: Routledge.
  • Flynn, N. and A. Asquer (2017), Public Sector Management, 7th edition. London: SAGE.
  • Asquer, A., F. Becchis, and D. Russolillo (eds) (2016), The Political Economy of Local Regulation: Theoretical Frameworks and International Case Studies. London: Palgrave. 

Publications: book chapters

  • Asquer, A. (forthcoming), “What a Bad Policy Idea! Exploring Views on Wind Farms in Italy”, in I. Roberge, M. Campbell-Verduyn, and H. McKeen-Edwards (eds), Ineffective Policy: Causes and Consequences of Bad Policy Choices. Bristol: Bristol University Press.
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  • Asquer A. (2014), “Big Data an Innovation in the Delivery of Public Services: The Case of Predictive Policing in Kent”, in C. Dolicanin, E. Kajan, D. Randjelovic, and B. Stojanovic (eds), Democratic Strategies and Citizen-Centered E-Government Services. Hershey, PA: IGI Global.
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  • Asquer A. (2014), “Institutions and the Market for Corporate Control in Asia: An Empirical Analysis”, in T. Carroll, D. Jarvis, and M Ramesh (eds), The Politics of Marketising Asia. Studies in the Political Economy of Public Policy. Palgrave.
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Public Administration in the Digital Age, pp. 50-63.
  • Asquer A. and I. Marcialis (2012), “Managing cooperation programs in developing countries: a case comparative analysis in Kenya, Pakistan, Brazil, Somalia, and Egypt”, in C. du Boys, R. Fouchet, and B. Tiberghien (eds), Management Public Durable: Dialogue Autour de la Méditerranée. Bruxelles: Bruylant, pp. 409-428.
  • Asquer A. (2011) “The Regulation of Water Infrastructure in Italy: Evolution and Effects”, in D. Jarvis, M. Ramesh, and W. Xun (eds), Infrastructure Regulation: What Works, Why, and How do we Know it? Lessons from Asia and Beyond. Singapore: World Scientific, pp. 457-488.
  • Asquer A. (2011), “Explaining Variety in the Regulation of Local Public Services: A new Institutional Analysis of the Water Sector”, in A. Bergman (ed.), Yearbook of Swiss Administrative Sciences. Zurich: SSSA.
  • Asquer A. (2011), “Incentive Systems in Public Health Care Organisations in Italy”, in H. Jalilian and V. Sen (eds), Improving Health Sector Performance: Institutions, Motivations and Incentives - The Cambodia Dialogue. Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, pp. 328-352.

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