Regulation of Infrastructure and Utilities

by Alberto Asquer (2018)

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the public policy and management issues that are encountered in the regulation of infrastructure and utilities. Drawing from theoretical arguments and several case studies, the book is divided into three parts, namely devising regulation, installing regulation, and making regulation work. The first part covers theories of regulation, regulatory policies, strategies and tools, and regulatory reforms. The second part deals with the politics of regulation and regulatory capacity. The third part discusses regulatory commitment and investments, the performance of regulated industries, and the design of regulatory systems. Case studies pay attention to various sectors (including water, electricity, telecommunications, highways, railways, district heating, and airports) from countries in every region of the world. 


Chapter 1: Infrastructure and Utilities: The Need for Regulation

Chapter 2: Theories of Regulation

Chapter 3: Regulatory Policies, Strategies, and Tools

Chapter 4: Regulatory Reforms

Chapter 5: Case Study: The Reform of the Water Sector in Italy in 1994

Chapter 6: The Politics of Regulation

Chapter 7: Regulatory Capacity

Chapter 8: Case Study: The Reform of the Water Sector in Italy in 1994–2001

Chapter 9: Regulatory Commitment and Investments

Chapter 10: The Performance of Regulated Industries

Chapter 11: Case Study: The Reform of the Water Sector in Italy in 2001–2011

Chapter 12: Conclusion: The Design of Regulatory Systems