Public Sector Management

Public sector professionals need more and more knowledge, expertise, analysis, and foresight nowadays. My work is about tackling the many challenges that governments and public agencies face.

I have been working in academia for over twenty years, consulted various public agencies from healthcare to education, and delivered several executive and training programmes.

The 8th edition of "Public Sector Management" by Norman Flynn and Alberto Asquer provides a comprehensive overview of public sector management across different countries, addressing the complexity of managing public services in the face of global challenges. It delves into the diversity of management practices influenced by varying contexts, beliefs, and cultures. The book covers topics such as governance arrangements, public policy, financial management, and the impact of digital technologies on public services. It emphasizes the evolution of public sector management and the importance of understanding the unique administrative traditions and institutional contexts of different countries. Through detailed examination of topics like accountability, ethics, and the role of public-private partnerships, it offers insights into contemporary issues in public sector management, including strategies for reform and change.

A focus on: strategic management

The process of strategic management in public agencies is crucial for creating public value and achieving organisational goals effectively. It necessitates a holistic approach that encompasses the development of a strategic plan based on environmental and internal analyses, implementing the plan through resource allocation and responsibility assignment, and continuously evaluating and adapting the plan to ensure alignment with the organisation's objectives.

Effective strategic management in the public sector is characterised by the intricate balance between achieving the statutory mandate, delivering public policies efficiently, and ensuring that strategic decisions enhance the organisation's legitimacy and standing. This process involves a formal and rationalistic approach, where top public officers play a pivotal role in steering their organisations towards long-term viability and effectiveness, but also lot of political sensitivity.

Key themes of the book

  • Evolution of Public Sector Management: Understanding how public sector management has changed over time, reflecting on different management theories and practices.
  • Governance and Accountability: Examining the frameworks that guide public sector operations, including the role of government and non-governmental organizations in ensuring accountability.
  • Policy Making and Implementation: Analyzing the process of how policies are formulated, adopted, and implemented in the public sector.
  • Financial Management in the Public Sector: Insight into budgeting, fiscal management, and financial accountability.
  • Human Resource Management: Strategies for managing public sector employees, including recruitment, development, and retention.
  • Technology and Innovation: The impact of digital transformation on public services and how innovation can be harnessed to improve efficiency and service delivery.
  • Global Challenges and Public Management: Addressing global issues such as climate change, health pandemics, and international relations through effective public management.

What readers can learn

  • The complexities and unique challenges of managing public sector organisations.
  • Theoretical and practical insights into effective governance, policy management, and strategic planning.
  • Techniques for financial and human resource management specific to the public sector.
  • The importance of technology and innovation in enhancing public services.
  • Strategies for addressing global challenges through public management.

The book is designed to be highly relevant for practitioners, policymakers, and students in the field, with applications such as:

Policy Development and Implementation: Guiding readers through the complexities of policy formulation, analysis, and execution in the public sector.

Strategic Planning: Offering frameworks and methodologies for strategic planning and management within public organisations.

Performance Management: Providing insights into measuring and improving performance in public services, including the use of performance indicators and benchmarks.

Financial Management: Presenting strategies for effective budgeting, fiscal management, and resource allocation in the public sector.

Leadership and Change Management: Equipping current and aspiring leaders with skills to manage change, lead diverse teams, and foster innovation in public organisations.


For governments and public sector agencies

Governments and public sector agencies increasingly require the expertise to navigate complex policy landscapes and manage transformative organisational changes. They need critical insights, innovative strategies, and proven methodologies, ensuring effective policy formulation, implementation, and adaptation in a rapidly evolving public administration environment. 

For public sector executives, leaders and teams

Public sector professionals must constantly evolve, staying abreast of societal, economic, and policy innovations and trends. This continuous learning is vital for effectively navigating and shaping the dynamic public sector landscape, ensuring they lead with foresight, adaptability, and strategic insight to meet the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

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